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Bored of boring content – Why are we still boring customers to death?

I’m Bored! Bored, bored, bored ... Bored of reading it – bored of being asked to write it. Bored of endless lines of boring content. Page after page of stuff. Making my brain hurt. Inspire me ... please? The question for anyone who has to produce words for a living is, how on earth do [...]

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Content, Copy and Blah – Everybody writes but not all writers get it right

Thank goodness January is behind us. The most depressing month of the year. When the misery of long dark days hits us, colds and flu proliferate, and everybody feels down. Imbued with this prevailing sense of depression, I sat down at the end of last week, and start thinking about my first blog of 2016. Before my [...]

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How do your customers use what you sell?

Stop talking about what you sell, and start talking about how customers use what you sell. How often do you tell your customers what your product or service does? Every day (hopefully) if you are in sales – but what actually do you tell them? Is it a repeating/reworking of the brochure ware – the [...]

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