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Do We Like The Likes?

Twitter has a new feature. Do we like it?  Here at Space we are not Social Media Gurus or Twitter Ninjas. We like social media – we like it very much. Because it's a very useful tool for lead generation, an excellent place to discover relevant and useful content and a great medium for personal engagement with clients [...]

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No More Automated Direct Messages on Twitter – Please?

This blog is a heartfelt plea – Please, please, please, stop sending automated Direct Messages on Twitter. As my business partner said the other day – I’m beginning to feel dirty! Since we started our two Twitter accounts – @SpaceMktg & @InboundON – we have grown steadily in an organic way. Both accounts have over [...]

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5 Useful Tools for Automating Social Media

Automating social media can free up lots of valuable time. Here are 5 free tools that can help you do it. One of the focuses of our InboundON training courses is the use of free tools, particularly in social media, and how much of a benefit they can be for your business. There are plenty of [...]

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Managing Your Social Media Time

‘Yes, I'm know social media would be useful for my business, but I just don’t have time to do it!’ It’s a sentence we’ve heard quite a few times. In our InboundON workshops we come across a lot of owners and managers who know they ought to engage with social media in their small business, but [...]

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Blogging Is Good For Your Health

Everyone and anyone will tell you how blogging is good for your business. A quick Google search for “The Benefits of Blogging for a Small Business” gives you hundreds of results – most of them blogs from marketing agencies – no surprise there! And most of them following the familiar format: 5 Benefits of Blogging, 7 Benefits of Blogging, etc. There’s even [...]

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UK SME Online Effectiveness Research

Ready to Rock or Letting Opportunity Slide? In our first research report we wanted to examine whether small businesses were ready to generate leads, sales, enquiries and customers online.   Are they taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the internet and social media? Less than 18 months ago, leading commentators were talking about [...]

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