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Who Are Your Top Customers?

Understanding your top customers helps you to sell more – it’s a very simple truth. The more you know about them and their needs, the easier it is to identify opportunities to sell them new products and target them with offers. Not only that, but the more you know about your top customers the easier [...]

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Solutions to Pain – How do you solve your customer’s problems?

Talking to your customers involves talking about them, not you ... People love to talk about themselves. Given the opportunity, many of us will happily talk about what’s important to us until the cows come home. A job interview technique I was told some years ago centred around getting the interviewers to do all the talking. [...]

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Are All Your Customers The Same?

Identifying & Targeting Your Customers or Creating Buyer Personas “I sell X … My customers buy X … X is a product (or service) that remains constant and doesn’t change … Therefore, my customers have remained constant and are all the same ... aren’t they?”   Difference Matters It is a very easy, but generally [...]

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Rational or Emotional? What’s the best way to target your customer?

Do you target your customer's emotional side, or their rational side? There is a well known phrase: “You buy on emotion, then rationalise your decision with logic.” Whilst this may sound plausible, it isn't actually accurate. Emotion and logic generally work in tandem, influencing us to differing degrees, at different stages of our decision making process. Here’s a [...]

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The Buying Process – How The Customer Comes To A Decision

If you understand your customer, you can map out their decision making process, and help them make the right choice.  Think about the last time you bought a new car, computer, or engaged a designer to renovate your bathroom. What was your decision making process? What went well, and what caused endless pain? Every customer goes [...]

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Finding Your Niche

If your business isn't attracting the level of inbound leads you'd like, answering these questions will help. Lead generation is the key to all business growth. No matter how big or small you are, and regardless of what your business does, if you want it to grow you need to be attracting more leads. There are [...]

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Has “Mobile-geddon” Affected Your Website?

Yesterday, 21st April 2015, was officially "Mobile-geddon!" As Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm. Users searching on their mobile phones will now receive search results that favour mobile-friendly websites. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly will be demoted. It’s easy to see why Google have done this. With about 60% of all [...]

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Sharing As A State Of Mind

What your business does is interesting, because it solves problems. Why not talk about it? I once watched a popular cooking show, where a pair of hirsute motorcyclists visited a bakery to witness the creation of some delicious looking Chelsea Buns. The owners of the bakery filled the airwaves with an aroma mystery, speaking in [...]

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Blogging Is Good For Your Health

Everyone and anyone will tell you how blogging is good for your business. A quick Google search for “The Benefits of Blogging for a Small Business” gives you hundreds of results – most of them blogs from marketing agencies – no surprise there! And most of them following the familiar format: 5 Benefits of Blogging, 7 Benefits of Blogging, etc. There’s even [...]

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