How I Ditched the Cheese for a Quick Taste of Smarter Marketing

Apparently you’re meant to do reading in University College London’s ‘reading week’. I took it to mean a half-term for the lecturers, and decided to ask Richard and Matt if I could spend a couple of days with them at Space instead. They agreed, and were willing to help me out and show me what [...]

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Finding Your Niche

If your business isn't attracting the level of inbound leads you'd like, answering these questions will help. Lead generation is the key to all business growth. No matter how big or small you are, and regardless of what your business does, if you want it to grow you need to be attracting more leads. There are [...]

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Is your Website Mobile Ready?

Latest figures suggest that more people are searching on smartphones more than every before. Is your business website set up to deal with this? It’s now more obvious than ever that smart phones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online. Ofcom have just revealed their latest UK research, which highlights just [...]

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Fake Reviews And Their Danger To Business

Just over a week ago there was a story in the news about fake reviews. It turned out that a number of companies had paid writers to make up favourable reviews of their services or products. To many of us this wasn't a big shock. A couple of years ago a client asked me to create some [...]

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Has “Mobile-geddon” Affected Your Website?

Yesterday, 21st April 2015, was officially "Mobile-geddon!" As Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm. Users searching on their mobile phones will now receive search results that favour mobile-friendly websites. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly will be demoted. It’s easy to see why Google have done this. With about 60% of all [...]

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Top 10 Tips For Creating Compelling Tweets

Tweeting – we love it! More and more of us are taking to Twitter, and businesses large and small have recognised the value of tweeting. But, with over 500million tweets published every day, it’s important your customers don’t let yours slip down their newsfeed too quickly. After all, business tweeting is all about telling your [...]

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