Has “Mobile-geddon” Affected Your Website?

Yesterday, 21st April 2015, was officially "Mobile-geddon!" As Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm. Users searching on their mobile phones will now receive search results that favour mobile-friendly websites. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly will be demoted. It’s easy to see why Google have done this. With about 60% of all [...]

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Sharing As A State Of Mind

What your business does is interesting, because it solves problems. Why not talk about it? I once watched a popular cooking show, where a pair of hirsute motorcyclists visited a bakery to witness the creation of some delicious looking Chelsea Buns. The owners of the bakery filled the airwaves with an aroma mystery, speaking in [...]

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Blogging Is Good For Your Health

Everyone and anyone will tell you how blogging is good for your business. A quick Google search for “The Benefits of Blogging for a Small Business” gives you hundreds of results – most of them blogs from marketing agencies – no surprise there! And most of them following the familiar format: 5 Benefits of Blogging, 7 Benefits of Blogging, etc. There’s even [...]

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UK SME Online Effectiveness Research

Ready to Rock or Letting Opportunity Slide? In our first research report we wanted to examine whether small businesses were ready to generate leads, sales, enquiries and customers online.   Are they taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the internet and social media? Less than 18 months ago, leading commentators were talking about [...]

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