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Is your content boring or boorish?

Are you a bore or a boor?   Looking at the blogs from earlier in the year about boring content got me thinking about bores themselves and why they are as they are. Then, being a lover of homophones (note the spelling there!) my mind took a sidewise twist. Bores are bad enough, but what [...]

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Bored of boring content – Why are we still boring customers to death?

I’m Bored! Bored, bored, bored ... Bored of reading it – bored of being asked to write it. Bored of endless lines of boring content. Page after page of stuff. Making my brain hurt. Inspire me ... please? The question for anyone who has to produce words for a living is, how on earth do [...]

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Content, Copy and Blah – Everybody writes but not all writers get it right

Thank goodness January is behind us. The most depressing month of the year. When the misery of long dark days hits us, colds and flu proliferate, and everybody feels down. Imbued with this prevailing sense of depression, I sat down at the end of last week, and start thinking about my first blog of 2016. Before my [...]

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Who Are Your Top Customers?

Understanding your top customers helps you to sell more – it’s a very simple truth. The more you know about them and their needs, the easier it is to identify opportunities to sell them new products and target them with offers. Not only that, but the more you know about your top customers the easier [...]

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Solutions to Pain – How do you solve your customer’s problems?

Talking to your customers involves talking about them, not you ... People love to talk about themselves. Given the opportunity, many of us will happily talk about what’s important to us until the cows come home. A job interview technique I was told some years ago centred around getting the interviewers to do all the talking. [...]

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Are All Your Customers The Same?

Identifying & Targeting Your Customers or Creating Buyer Personas “I sell X … My customers buy X … X is a product (or service) that remains constant and doesn’t change … Therefore, my customers have remained constant and are all the same ... aren’t they?”   Difference Matters It is a very easy, but generally [...]

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Do We Like The Likes?

Twitter has a new feature. Do we like it?  Here at Space we are not Social Media Gurus or Twitter Ninjas. We like social media – we like it very much. Because it's a very useful tool for lead generation, an excellent place to discover relevant and useful content and a great medium for personal engagement with clients [...]

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Rational or Emotional? What’s the best way to target your customer?

Do you target your customer's emotional side, or their rational side? There is a well known phrase: “You buy on emotion, then rationalise your decision with logic.” Whilst this may sound plausible, it isn't actually accurate. Emotion and logic generally work in tandem, influencing us to differing degrees, at different stages of our decision making process. Here’s a [...]

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Is Your Customer In Pain?

Understand your customer's pain points, and you will know how to provide the solution. As we mentioned in our previous blogs on finding your niche in business, everything begins with the customer. If you want your business to grow, you need to understand your current customers first. You need to know why they need what you sell so [...]

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The Buying Process – How The Customer Comes To A Decision

If you understand your customer, you can map out their decision making process, and help them make the right choice.  Think about the last time you bought a new car, computer, or engaged a designer to renovate your bathroom. What was your decision making process? What went well, and what caused endless pain? Every customer goes [...]

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