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Richard is an accomplished Marketer who has delivered growth and profitability for both blue chip brands and dynamic SMEs. In a 15 year career he has built his success on an ability to generate new customer and market insights and utilise this to shape customer contact strategies and new propositions. Richard’s campaigns have included successful product launches, new market entries and company rebrands. Richard has worked as both client and supplier on large-scale marketing, eCommerce and CRM technology implementatations – in and alongside brands such as British Gas, nPower, IBM, Betfair, Nationwide Building Society. He applies this knowledge and experience to help clients achieve more leads and increased customer engagement.

It’s 2015 – Why is Marketing Still So Misunderstood?

Earlier this week I read an article (published in February) about how Marketing was dead and Loyalty had killed it. I'll admit I didn't take it well. It was actually a very good article - just with the wrong premise. A discussion of how Apple dominated because they solved their customers' problems and generated huge brand loyalty. [...]

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UK SME Online Effectiveness Research

Ready to Rock or Letting Opportunity Slide? In our first research report we wanted to examine whether small businesses were ready to generate leads, sales, enquiries and customers online.   Are they taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the internet and social media? Less than 18 months ago, leading commentators were talking about [...]

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We Are Space – Space Marketing and Communication lives!

As Space Marketing and Communication blinks into the light and takes its first breath, the day it was conceived seems a long time in the past. It Started With a Wandering Mind On a Long Train Journey 3 Years Ago At the time I was wrestling with a strong conviction that my company needed [...]

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