Understanding your top customers helps you to sell more – it’s a very simple truth.

The more you know about them and their needs, the easier it is to identify opportunities to sell them new products and target them with offers.

Not only that, but the more you know about your top customers the easier it is to find new ones. You can look for similar prospects and sell to them in a similar way.

It’s no secret that your best customers drive a disproportionate share of your business. So focusing your lead generation on potential customers who look like your top customer is a good starting point.

If you can understand the pain points, the solutions you offer and the way that they use your product/service you can begin to plan your lead generation campaigns with efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are five things you can learn by taking a good look at your top customers.

1. Understand Their Pain Points
It is most likely that your top customers came to you because they were in pain. Your solution to that pain was obviously the best one on the market for them. Why? What pain did it solve? Know this and you can look to see where else they may have pain points you can solve with additional services or products. And also where other organisations suffer in the same way.
Our recent blog on understanding your customer’s pain points gives more information and can help you define and understand how to profile and target your customers.

2. Discover The Triggers to Buy
Defining the exact trigger which caused your top customers to realise they were in pain and needed your solution is an invaluable insight. It allows you to build an understanding of the customer buying process, and your targeting strategy. Was it a piece of your content that triggered the change? If not, what was it? Did they need additional resource? Did they have an urgent requirement? Understanding this, and you can make sure you are providing triggers to customers who look just like them, and are in the same pain they were.

3. Target Their Communication Channels
Your top customers will have communication channels that they prefer. For example, do they have a tendency towards email, telephone or online, or do they prefer face to face networking? Understanding this enables you to tailor messages to them specifically. It is also a chance to understand their touch points, i.e. which magazines do they read, which events do they go to, which social media channels do they use? By having a clear grasp of this, you can identify how to put yourself in front of these customers as well as potential customers of a similar personality.

4. Find the Gaps
Analysing your top customers, and getting closer to them, can help you find the gaps in your service, and identify new opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell wider services to them. This is an opportunity to showcase what you can do learn about how your customers use what you sell, and gather information that could lead to more sales. What else could you provide your top customers that they desperately need??

5. Make Sure They Are Happy
At the end of the day, if your customers are happy with you, then you are more likely to sell more to them, and also to receive more referrals. If your solution is invaluable to them, how can you make it invaluable to a similar type of customer? Happy customers tell others, and also provide excellent case studies for the potentials who look just like them.

For more information about building an understanding of your top customers, download our FREE guide to the Customer Buying Process