As Space Marketing and Communication blinks into the light and takes its first breath, the day it was conceived seems a long time in the past.

It Started With a Wandering Mind On a Long Train Journey 3 Years Ago

At the time I was wrestling with a strong conviction that my company needed to transform its marketing model. We had a number of powerful technological and intellectual strengths and a couple of core propositions, but were relatively unknown for what we were really capable of. We had recently divested a large part of our business – which in reducing turnover from c.£80m to c.£8m had vastly reduced my budget.

The business provides high-end CRM and marketing automation technology to a number of high-profile brands. Having had a hand in shaping a number of these solutions I obviously wanted to demonstrate best practice. However, software licence fees and manpower were out of my reach so I had had to figure out how to do this with free tools, know-how and a bit of creativity.

My wandering mind reached the realisation that it wasn’t as hard as I’d been making out. The difference between the big brands and me was scale and complexity. It was complexity that drove the need for big investment. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show other businesses how they could get more from tight resources…

An Idea That Grew

The next significant step forward took place on a boys night out 12 months ago. Friend, cricket club team-mate, writer and communicator Matt Jones and I found ourselves vigorously agreeing about “every business having its own space and its own story – but just needing help to find and tell it”. Despite the alcohol and late hour, the idea stuck.

Over the coming months, conversations with a number of mutual friends who owned their own businesses who asked for advice (or who just got it anyway) helped us realise that the idea had legs. Our different viewpoints were also helpful – me seeing the marketing solution, Matt seeing the story.

As it grew, the idea became a business model with two distinct outputs:

  1. Consultancy and managed services – turning technical / intellectual capability into compelling propositions and using the latest Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and CRM techniques to help medium sized businesses to grow.
  2. Training and Support for owner/managed and small businesses. Showing people how straightforward techniques and a simple plan can help them to attract customers online using some of the same strategies as the big brands, but without having to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds each month.

Why Space?

What’s in a name? For a business to grow, as well as finances and capability, it needs it’s own space. What it does that’s better than the next alternative. It needs that space to be large enough to grow into.

For us it was equally important that the name provided  a container for what we want to do.

The services and expertise we’ll be providing will all be focused on helping clients understand their potential customers and the space that their organisation will need to occupy in their mind to win their business. For some clients it will be about identifying a new space for growth, for others it will be about owning the space they currently occupy. It might even involve creating a new space.

Lastly, it was a big step for both Matt (freelance copyrighter, author and communicator) and me (senior marketer with used to a regular monthly salary). So there was nothing like the ‘final frontier’ for inspiration.

What Do We Do?


DemandIQ – B2B Marketing Consultancy and Campaign Services

Helping clients with sophisticated technological or intellectual capability to make growth happen.  From  marketing strategy and helping them to develop or refine go-to-market propositions to developing their content strategy and demand generation campaigns.




InboundON – Web and Social Media training for small business

Helping small businesses generate new enquiries, sales and customers through a simple web and social media action plan.  Small groups work together to develop their plan in an interactive workshop – providing them with actions they can carry out in less than 30 minutes / day when they get back to their business.


A Small Debt of Thanks

It’s taken 6 weeks of work to get to here – and there’s much we’ve learned along the way (which of course we’ll share).  We couldn’t have done it on our own.

There’s a growing band of people who’ve helped:

There’s also a number of people who keep on inspiring us. We’ll give credit where credit is due here and on Social Media in due course – follow us to find out more.

The Future – Watch This Space

As we establish and grow into our Space we’ll be sharing the things that teach us something new and we’ll be keeping our own diaries of what we learn from our own and our clients’ experience.

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