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We Are Space – Space Marketing and Communication lives!

As Space Marketing and Communication blinks into the light and takes its first breath, the day it was conceived seems a long time in the past. It Started With a Wandering Mind On a Long Train Journey 3 Years Ago At the time I was wrestling with a strong conviction that my company needed [...]

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The SEO Challenge for Small Business – A Guide to being discovered

If nobody knows your business is there, nobody will do business with you. Small businesses that fail aren’t necessarily those that provide a bad service, or don’t have a great concept behind them. More often than not, they are those that simply don’t get discovered. Can you be found quickly online? Online search is [...]

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The Online Challenge for Small Businesses in 2015

One of the biggest challenges facing a small business in 2015 is not how many Twitter followers or Facebook likes you can manufacture, but how you can have an online presence that brings customers to your door – digital or real. Despite the rise of social media, the humble website is still the most important [...]

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